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After the first post I wrote my About page. From the end of that page you can see I now have a product idea.

I’m not a that kind of a person who’s head is just bubbling of ideas. No, quite opposite. Sometime I just feel like a zombie, seeing things, but can’t look and see them as (business) possibilities. Things were different when I was younger. Where ever I went and saw something, I just started to think is there a way to monetize it. That I need to thank one of my friends for. During 1993-1994, during the economical disaster in our country, me and my friend used to sit down and talk and think about whatever crossed our minds. I have to admit my friend was more creative kind of a guy than me. Something I did catch from him in my sleeves, for a while.

Since 2000 so many things have happened, so I started to lose the ability to creative thinking. I simply couldn’t get any ideas, couldn’t see things as opportunities. I was stucked. That was one reason to buy different kind of products related to Making Money Online.

Maybe I shouldn’t write about negative things, but life is not always only about positive things, so here you go…

The products I’ve been bought and the webinars I joined, almost all of them had one thing in common – you couldn’t interact with anyone, and the most thing I hate are the prerecorded webinars pretending to be live webinars. You attend a webinar, introduce yourself, you ask questions, and after few minutes you understand the live show is a prerecorded one. On that moment I feel like a total idiot. Would it be possible to let attendees know the date when the webinar was recorded? Or, would that information affect to the sales numbers? Maybe it is impossible to find the right path for everyone.

On many webinars after every 5 minutes coming the “Give me a big YES into the chat box!”… “People are getting totally crazy here!”. Are these things really working and I’m the weirdo here who doesn’t understand this? Maybe the marketers are making more money by doing these things and I’m just too cynical to buy that?

Okay, if there is something bad, there is always something good, too, because then things started to change, for me anyway.

More about it on the next post.


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