I joined John Thornhill’s Product Creation Workshop couple of weeks ago, and I must say it was an eye opener. Personally I think I’ve been thinking in a too complicated way. The way John is showing the whole procedure is very simple but clever. It is also an easy to follow way so anyone can see the logic, even I did:).

If you are planning to go to into the Internet Marketing / Make Money Online world, or you are struggling about how to get started to create your own product, I highly recommend to attend this webinar.

Actually, because of that webinar, I got couple of product ideas, and now I’m doing some research to decide which one I will start with.

You can go to the Product Creation Workshop page and look John’s video and then decide to join the webinar or not. You can check out the video by clicking here:

Product Creation Workshop by John Thornhill

 or, you can click the image below

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