For me the biggest obstacle has been to find ideas for a product. Even if found a decent idea, how could monetize it better with upsells and downsells – that’s been a nightmare for me. My language has been a barrier, too. I’m not a native English speaker, so the flow of English language has been an issue. In a sentence words are in a total different order in English than in Finnish. So, I need a proof reader to get perfect written English, and that costs money. Have been afraid to create a product thinking if the product sucks and have investing my time and some money to the product and then even for a good proof reader, I just lose money, not making any profit, as the case  should be.  The same issue has been around to create a video course. I have been thinking who can listen my accent?

But now I will give a damn to the language barrier. If my language skills are a problem for somebody, sorry, it is your problem, not mine, lol.

As they say: “If  can’t speak English fluently, it means you can speak another language fluently.” I speak Swedish and a little bit German, too. Unfortunately I have forgotten almost totally the German language because never needed to use it. Swedish is on a better stage. When I was a kid, we lived 5 years in Sweden. I actually started my school there. Of course I’m not perfect in Swedish because we left Sweden when I was around 10 years old, but I can manage.

I have joined some webinars and seen some video lessons where the speaker speaks far away from fluent English and even though being very popular. People are more interesting about what you have to offer and not how well or bad you speak. It seems it is enough for them if they understand what you are talking about. That encourages me to try, too.

I got the opportunity to create a product with Steven Alvey. It is a video course where we both will talk. That will be my real premiere on a video:). Looking forward to it. Here are couple of pics from my home office. On the second pic I just finished my part of the joint product creation with Steven.


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